The Four Overarching Dynamics of the 2020s

Posted: 05.28.2020


There are a number of trends and forces that will manifest in the 2020s. These are all important and will be subjects of subsequent columns. Many of these trends  reside within these four overarching dynamics of the decade:   The Age of Climate Change The Age of Intelligence The Reinvention of Capitalism and Democracy A […]


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The Phases of COVID-19 and the New Normal It Can Bring

Posted: 05.19.2020


Starting in 2019, the world moved from the Pre-Covid-19 period into the Covid-19 period.  Everywhere clusters of people were becoming infected with Covid-19 and many deaths were occurring. Countries did their best to control the pandemic by urging their people to wear a mask, wash their hands frequently, avoid touching their faces and  keeping at […]


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A Depression / A Beginning

Posted: 05.12.2020


The near-term future is catastrophic and depressing. The longer term is potentially transformative and uplifting… if we fully understand the possibilities and needs of this decade. As a futurist, I pride myself on the accuracy of my forecasts. When they have not been pinpoint accurate, they are usually directionally correct. That is my intention here, […]


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Seven Nightmares and Three Alternative Policies for Moderating Them

Posted: 04.14.2020


              In thinking about mankind’s future, one can be either an optimist or a pessimist.   Let’s start with an optimistic mindset.  Taking a long view of mankind’s history, humans have moved far beyond the Neanderthal stage and today homo sapiens are the dominant human species. Humans have passed through the hunter/gatherer stage, the […]


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Saturday April 25 – Save the Date!

Posted: 04.08.2020


On Saturday April 25, The Sarasota Institute will present two one-hour virtual symposiums.   These are a part of the virtual mini-symposiums we are producing that view some of our 10 topics through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We at the Institute think that this pandemic will have significant short, mid and long-term effects […]


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