Let Us Fix Our Declining American Democracy

Posted: 02.21.2019


No democracy is perfect.  Some democracies work better than others.  Swiss democracy works well.  Canada’s democracy works pretty well.  American democracy has fallen on hard times.   The Economist Intelligence Unit each year publishes the Democracy Index.[i]  The index distinguishes four categories of democracy: full democracy, flawed democracy, hybrid regimes, and authoritarian regimes.  The five […]


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Posted: 02.14.2019


The Sarasota Institute is putting on three free presentations to the community of Sarasota-Bradenton.  These are to introduce the larger community to the goals and visions of The Sarasota Institute.  We will explain how the Institute was formed and our plans for the future.    Here is the information for the three free presentations:   […]


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Should a Democratic Society Aim to Maximize the Citizens’ Happiness or Well-Being?

Posted: 01.10.2019


  Today, most nations judge their yearly progress by the measure called Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This measure captures the dollar value of all the goods produced by its businesses, and as we have written about previously at The Sarasota Institute, the concept of GDP needs to be scrapped or revised. The assumption is that […]


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Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues

Posted: 12.17.2018


We are pleased to announce the publication of The Sarasota Institute’s Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues. It covers all 10 of the topics we believe are crucial for understanding and shaping the century. Here are some questions that we discuss within: When was the last time you heard anything radical about how to reform democracy? Do […]


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21st Century Education

Posted: 11.07.2018


Education in the United States is at a crossroads. Our economy and technology have greatly out-paced the rigidly hierarchical educational system that has been in place for more than 100 years. Disruptive technologies and disruptive individuals are changing the way we live, interact and do business at a rate that is far beyond that system’s […]


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