Retirement is a Stupid Conversation for Customers

Posted: 09.05.2019


Jason A. Voss, CFA, argues that customers care about many more financial events in their lives than just retirement. Yet, the investment industry seems hell bent on just featuring this one. Why?


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The Rise of Anti-Consumerism

Posted: 07.09.2019


The American culture is very comfortable using the words “consumers” and “consumerism.”  If I called my friend a consumer and producer, he would not object.  In his company, he is a producer.  He would say that by producing, he is able to consume.  The more successful he is in producing, the more he would be […]


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The Three Economies

Posted: 05.09.2019


[ NOTE:  This is a chapter excerpt from David Houle’s latest book, the first of an eBook trilogy entitled “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual”.  The subtitle of the first eBook is the name of this chapter, The Three Economies.  All three books are to be priced at $2.99.  Book 1 is […]


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Space Can Save the Earth

Posted: 03.21.2019


In November, 2018, Democrats won a majority in congress.  For us Democrats, that should have been good news. And it was, up to a point.    For those of us  Democrats who believe that the future is in space, there was a problem.  People like Bernie Sanders—the most influential formulator of policy in the Democratic […]


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Posted: 02.14.2019


The Sarasota Institute is putting on three free presentations to the community of Sarasota-Bradenton.  These are to introduce the larger community to the goals and visions of The Sarasota Institute.  We will explain how the Institute was formed and our plans for the future.    Here is the information for the three free presentations:   […]


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