How Our Political System is Destroying Our Democracy and What To Do About It

Posted: 04.19.2018


Our democracy is not working. It is plagued with extreme partisanship that often verges on the precipice of shutting our nation down. Public opinion of Congress, the President as well as the Supreme Court are at historic lows. The institutions that are essential to protecting our democracy (e.g. the FBI, the media, the intelligence community, […]


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GDP Needs to be Rethought or Scrapped: Here’s Why

Posted: 04.05.2018


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) needs to be either re-thought, or scrapped as a measure of economy. Why? For several reasons, including: It measures output, not economy, and with grave unintended consequences It measures output domestically, and this is no longer a useful measure   GDP Measures Output, Not Economy   The whole point of both […]


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The Case for Social Democracy

Posted: 03.14.2018


  This is a time when we need fresh thinking on how to organize our society to a better job of serving our people.  There are too many citizens who have lost faith in our government, in big business, and our other institutions. They have seen President Trump call our media “dishonest,” our justice system […]


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Trump is the First Warhol U.S. President

Posted: 03.07.2018


This is a pretty catchy title isn’t it.  Thank you for reading.  You may think this column is about Trump, but it isn’t, it is actually about Andy Warhol.  Trump fits within the Warhol paradigm, not the other way around   As a professional futurist I am frequently asked questions such as: “Who are the […]


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21st Century Finance: Users of Capital

Posted: 02.28.2018


(Part III of a series on the future of banking and finance) By now I hope to have convinced you in Part I and Part II of this series on 21st Century Finance, that things are never going to be the same. My thesis is that new technologies (discussed extensively in Part I) have the […]


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