Episode 18

James Fathers, a design professor at Syracuse University and co-author of “The 2020s:  The Golden Age of Design and Redesign” along with futurist David Houle, speaks to why humanity is now in the golden age of design.  How humanity can move to implementing the Planetary Systemic Design guidelines set forth in the book will be key to how we successfully face the global problems that are clear and present dangers dead ahead.  The future of humanity will largely depend upon design thinking.

Episode 10

  • Christopher Tucker thinks and works at the intersection of technology, strategy, geography, and national security. Tucker manages Yale House Ventures, a portfolio of technology companies, social ventures, and public entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Tucker is Chairman of the American Geographical Society (www.AmericanGeo.org), where he launched Geography2050 a multi-year strategic dialog about the vital trends the geography of our planet.
  • At AGS, Tucker has also helped launch its EthicalGEO Initiative (www.EthicalGEO.org), and the Locus Charter as an international charter for the responsible use of location technologies.



Episode 9

Debbie Mason, President of the Tidewell Foundation, Inc. and Executive Vice-President of Tidewell Hospice.


An institutional example of the need for local and regional health care entities to scale and to expand the continuum of care with the communities they serve.  In this New Health Age, the landscape of health care is rapidly changing.  The use of transformative technology and helping patients/customers/neighbors face the final third of life is the unique vision of Tidewell Foundation and the Empath Health organization. On-going adaptation.