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The books here have been written by either the members of the Sarasota Institute Advisory Board or presenters and panelists who have participated in any of our webinars or symposiums.

Books by David Houle,
A Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Sarasota Institute

Houle is a futurist whose books are about the future.

“The 2020s: A Decade of Cognitive Dissonance”

The second book of the new, highly acclaimed series on the 2020s decade by futurist and TSI managing director.


“In his series of books on the 2020s, David Houle aims to raise our sense of urgency about the issues we face.  This book captures the internal conflict we feel when we compare this urgency and the relative lack of actions being taken.  Houle skillfully urges the reader not to turn away but to confront our challenges head on.  A succinct and compelling read” – Glen Hiemstra, Futurist and founder,


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“The 2020s: The Most Disruptive Decade in History”

This book, written by a Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Institute is the first of a series of books about the 2020s. Short, high-level, it is written to be read in a few hours.


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“Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual”

Sub-titled The Future of Humanity, Climate and Capitalism, this book answers the question “How can humanity successfully face the climate crisis?”


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“Entering the Shift Age”

The end of the information age and the new era of transformation.


A best seller about our future.


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Books by Philip Kotler,
a Co-Founder of The Sarasota Institute

Kotler on Marketing: How to Create, Win and Dominate Markets

Kotler on Marketing offers his long-awaited, essential guide to marketing for managers, freshly written based on his phenomenally successful worldwide lectures on marketing for the new millennium.


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Confronting Capitalism: Real Solutions for a Troubled Economic System

In Confronting Capitalism, business expert Philip Kotler explains 14 major problems undermining capitalism, including: •Persistent and increasing poverty •Automation’s effects on job creation •High debt burdens •Steep environmental costs •Boom-bust economic cycles •And more


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Democracy in Decline: Rebuilding its Future

Democracy in Decline is an examination by the ‘father of modern marketing’ into how a long cherished product (democracy) is failing the needs of its consumers (citizens).


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Losing Our Democracy

This book is a series of short articles trying to make sense of where we are. Among the topics are democracy, capitalism, automation, the growing income gap, populism, socialism, the universal basic income, unions, single payer health systems, immigration, infrastructure, incarceration, questionable products, income and wealth taxes, marketing and retailing, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, world peace, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


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Books by Jason Voss,
a Co-Founder of The Sarasota Institute

The Intuitive Investor

Much more than just a book about investing, The Intuitive Investor is also a guide to healthy, mindful living. Scarcely have money, mind and spirit been brought together so potently.


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Return of the Active Manager: How to Apply Behavioral Finance to Renew and Improve Investment Management

In this groundbreaking new book, investing and behavioural finance experts Thomas Howard and Jason A. Voss fill this void and show the new way ahead for investment managers and advisors. Return of the Active Manager provides a set of tools for investment professionals to overcome and take advantage of behavioral biases.


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Book by David Klement

A poignant book by a Pulitzer prize winning editorial page editor.


Conscience of the Community: Memoir of a Small-Town

It’s a daunting mission: To stand as the conscience of the community. But that’s exactly what management of the Bradenton Herald expected David Klement to do – for 30 years. As editor of the Editorial Page, he was expected to write the editorials that represented the voice of the newspaper – and the conscience of the community it served.


He addresses many of his coastal Florida community’s characters and foibles in this memoir of his life and anthology of his best personal journalism over a distinguished, three-decade-long career at the Bradenton Herald.


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Book by Christopher Tucker

A Planet of 3 Billion

“Essential reading for anyone who cares about the fate of our planet and our species.”  – Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE


“A truly ground-breaking book on how humanity can successfully face the climate crisis. It changed how I look at humanity’s future.” – D.H.


How many people can the Earth support? Tucker makes the case that the Earth’s ‘carrying capacity’ is limited to 3 billion humans, and that humanity’s century long binge has incurred an unsustainable ecological debt that must be paid down promptly, or else cataclysm awaits. Given that our species has already surpassed 7.5 billion, and is fast approaching 9 billion or more, this is an audacious claim that everyone who cares about the fate of our planet and our species has a responsibility to evaluate for themselves.


This book is for anyone who is interested in the world around them, concerned about the fate of the planet, and seeking insights that can help them become part of the solutions that would put us on a path to a resilient future.




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Book by Christian Sarkar

Brand Activism: From Purpose to Action

A look into the future of brand activism.


“…Brand Activism will be required reading, not only in business schools and by NGOs and campaigners, but by asset managers, owners, pension funds’ trustees and senior corporate executives worldwide.”– Hazel Henderson, founder, Ethical Markets


Does business have an obligation to step up when government isn’t doing its job? What happens when businesses and their customers don’t share the same values? Or, for that matter, when employees of a company don’t share the same values as their executives? Welcome to the world of Brand Activism. Companies no longer have a choice. If the gap between a business and its values and its customers or society and his other stakeholders is too large, business will inevitably suffer.


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Book by Gerd Leonhard

Technology vs. Humanity: The coming clash between man and machine

A look into the future of humanity and technology by one of the leading futurists, Gerd Leonhard.


In his most provocative book to date, Leonhard explores the exponential changes swamping our societies, providing rich insights and deep wisdom for business leaders, professionals and anyone with decisions to make in this new era.  If you take being human for granted, press Reset now with this passionately argued call to create a genuinely braver new world.


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