Global Policy

A Depression / A Beginning

The near-term future is catastrophic and depressing. The longer term is potentially transformative and uplifting… if we fully understand the possibilities and needs of this decade. As a futurist, I pride myself on the accuracy of my forecasts. When they have not been pinpoint accurate, they are usually directionally correct. That is my intention here, […]


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COVID-19 and the U.S.: Short-term Probabilities and Long-Term Possibilities

[Preamble – As a futurist my mind is exploding with all the possible long-term disruptions inherent in the global COVID-19 reality. In addition, I have supplemented my 200+ inbound emails, content aggregators, research newsletters with some information provided to me by friends who are connected at the highest level of health executives nationwide.]   Short-term […]


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Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues

We are pleased to announce the publication of The Sarasota Institute’s Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues. It covers all 10 of the topics we believe are crucial for understanding and shaping the century. Here are some questions that we discuss within: When was the last time you heard anything radical about how to reform democracy? Do […]


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