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Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues



We are pleased to announce the publication of The Sarasota Institute’s Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues. It covers all 10 of the topics we believe are crucial for understanding and shaping the century. Here are some questions that we discuss within:

  • When was the last time you heard anything radical about how to reform democracy?
  • Do you know why the conversation about artificial intelligence is unnecessarily constrained, and often misconstrued?
  • Is there a way to discuss climate change that makes patently obvious why we all need to take action?

We are confident that you will find welcome refuge in The Big Issues over the holiday season. Eventually we know you will need a respite from too much family, sappy movies, food, and nog!

Download now…you will thank us later for the holiday lifeline 😀

In exchange for the respite we kindly request that you share your thoughts about the work in the comments section below. What was that? That’s right, share your comments below…and if you like The Big Issues share it widely.

Happy holidays to you and yours, and our sincerest hope to you all for a prosperous 2019!





2 responses to “Whitepaper #1, The Big Issues”

  1. The projections are stunning. The quote “At best, it is estimated it will take at least another 100 years for any meaningful colonization of other planets can occur. Spaceship Earth is the only home we have.” is the most stunning and realistic picture of today. Since we can’t get leadership to agree, I’ll do my part and then some.

    I’m glad I haven’t brought another life into this world. The end doesn’t look pretty and is coming faster than the sheeple think. That’s a shame.

    • David Houle David Houle says:

      Ever since I read “Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth” by R. Buckminster Fuller, published in 1969, I have always felt that the spaceship metaphor sums it up succinctly and truly. By the way I am working on a book, to be published in three parts, called “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy: Crew Manual”, the first volume to come out by the end of January.
      I honor your commitment relative to parenting. It is a tough stance to take. In the 1980s the DINKs [Double Income No Kids] were considered selfish to enjoy life and not be parents like the norm. Today it is parents who have more than 2 children who should be looked at as selfish. How selfish is it to bring more than ‘replacement’ numbers of dependent passengers onto Spaceship Earth when the existing number.

      Thanks for reading!

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