Episode 8

  • Dr. Tom Ingegno is a thought leader in the developing field of Integrative Health.
  • As a founder of Charm City Integrative Health, Tom is at the vanguard of integrating chiropractic medicine, salt therapy, acupuncture, cryotherapy, massage and red light therapy into customized “stacks” for both preventative health and for treatment.
  • Listen and learn how one visionary sees the coming growth and success of Integrative Health becoming ever more mainstream in the United States.

Episode 6

  • Dr. Randy D. Ziegenfuss, Superintendent, Salisbury Township School District, Pennsylvania; Host of the Shift Your Paradigm podcast


Topics Include

  • Differences between traditional education and “learner-centered education”
  • Requirements for implementing learner-centered education
  • The 5 Elements, necessary conditions for a great educational experience
  • The silver lining of COVID-19 for accelerating experimentation in education