David Houle

David Houle is one of the Co-Founders and Managing Director of the Institute. David Houle is a futurist, thinker and speaker. Houle spent more than 20 years in media and entertainment. He has worked at NBC, CBS and was part of the senior executive team that created and launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News.


New Webinar 4/22: “THE WICKED 7″



Exciting new webinar!


On Thursday April 22 from 1-2:30 p US eastern time zone we will be having the two founders of THE WICKED 7 Philip Kotler and Christina Sarkar.


As you know, Phil is a co-founder of The Sarasota Institute in addition to being the founder of modern marketing and a co-founder of THE WICKED 7.


This is the second webinar featuring an emerging global initiative to face the largest problems in the world today. Last month we featured the three initiators of the #forkintheroadproject. This underscores our mission as a 21st Century Think Tank to look into the future to face the big questions we all will face in the 2020s and 2030s.


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