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Support 21st century thinking that is policy neutral, global, and focused on providing unique solutions to the Big Issues confronting humanity. We are a membership driven organization. In December 2020 we converted the Institute into a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation as we felt that it would help ensure our continuance in providing leading 21st century thought to our members.

Membership Details

New TSI Membership levels

We are now offering two levels of membership:

Global membership – $75 per person*
  • Full access to all content on the website behind the membership wall, including the recordings of all in-person events
  • Ability to attend any on-line only events
  • Free download of any whitepapers the Institute publishes
  • Limited availability of discount priced tickets for in-person events should one be visiting the Gulf Coast of Florida for business or personal reasons.


Become a Global Member
Local membership – $200 per person
  • Everything included in the Global membership plus:
  • Ability to attend all in-person events at the SCF campus. We expect to offer 6+ live events over a 12-month period


Become a Local Member

Both memberships are good for 12 months from date of sign-up


*bulk rates available for retirement communities, home owners associations, corporations and educational institutions. Inquire at