Jason Voss

Jason Voss, CFA, is CEO of Active Investment Management (AIM) Consulting, LLC. He is the author of multiple books, among them, The Intuitive Investor; Valuation Techniques; Lie Detection for Investment Professionals; and the cutting-edge Meditation Guide for Investment Professionals.


Why We’re Heading Down the Wrong Path in Understanding the Human Brain



“This is a strong candidate for most interesting content I have encountered in a long while. Why? Because I am a critic of raging artificial intelligence (AI) bulls/natural intelligence nulls. So pervasive is the computing model of human intelligence, that we are missing key features of what human beings do exceptionally well, and that are likely to always remain uniquely human. The implications for investment and public policy are enormous to getting this context correct. As a brief aside, what can humans do that is likely to elude computing-based intelligence, perhaps, forever? Context. Here, The World Economic Forum (WEF) strongly states that we are heading down the wrong path in understanding the human brain. Obviously, I could not agree more.”


-Jason Apollo Voss


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