10/24/2021: The Climate Crisis: The Big and Urgent Things

Sunday October 24th 2p-4p EST


2021 is the year when the apocalyptic realities of the climate crisis are being fully manifested.  What was not supposed to happen for decades is happening now.  Why? How? What to do?  What must be done by 2030?


We will have three presenters.  First, Futurist and Author David Houle presents the big five things that must be done.  Then Planetary Ethicist and Head, Environmental Studies at Ringling College presents the 2021 Quarter Master’s report for Spaceship Earth.  Then Christopher Tucker, the Chairman and CEO of the American Geographical Society presents his “A Planet of 3 Billion” analysis on why humanity will need to lower its global population this century.



Tim Rumage

Planetary Ethicist,

Professor of Environmental Studies at Ringling College of Art & Design

Chris Tucker


American Geographical Society

David Houle

Managing Director, The Sarasota Institute

Author, Entrepreneur, Artist, Consultant

David, Tim and Christopher will then spend a good 30 minutes in discussion and Q&A with the audience. This is a must attend symposium if you are concerned about the climate crisis and still face a gap in your understanding as to why this is happening, how successful has humanity been in facing the climate crisis to date and how to accelerate what needs to occur.


Note: Until further notice, for attendance at an in-person symposium it will be mandatory to provide proof of being fully vaccinated and have a ticket to enter.  We also encourage the wearing of masks.