This is How Big Oil Will Die

Natural resource issues are not just supply issues, such as the amount of reserves, and how to more efficiently extract them, or alternative supply sources (fossil fuel vs. alternatives). No, natural resource issues are also about altering the demand curve, too. This thoughtful piece points out that while the cost of alternative energy is rapidly […]


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Brand Activism, the Next Stage of Branding

Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar first published a version of this column in The Marketing Journal The Marketing Journal.   Historically, most brands have been marketed on their performance characteristics. “Our toothpaste is better than yours.” We’re better at “whitening teeth,” “preventing cavities,” or giving you “fresh breath.” Positioning is the name of the game […]


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The Financial Ecosystem

FINANCIAL ECOSYSTEM   Overview The entirety of the investing ecosystem is built on a fundamental transaction: those with a surplus of capital, but a deficit of ideas, provide their capital to those with a deficit of capital, but a surplus of ideas.  When those ideas are good then both the providers of, and users of, capital […]


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