Institute Update

  First, a thank you to all of you who are new subscribers.  Please consider following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Twitter handle is @sarasotainst and LinkedIn link is https://www.linkedin.com/in/the-sarasota-institute-think-tank-2837961b4/   Second, the great webinar about the future of K-12 education, held two weeks ago will soon be available behind the member sign-in wall.  Again, […]


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Become a Member Now!

We have updated our programming to on-line and virtual.  We have cut membership prices by 50%.  Since our new web site went live  last week we have been signing up new members from around the world.    Join them!  Please look at the new membership guidelines and become a member.  Sign up for 3 or 5 […]


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Thank You for Your Patience!

  Due to COVID-19, and a resulting need to reinvent the Institute, we suspended our weekly columns for a few months.   In January we produced our first symposium. Titled “An Educated Person in 2035” it was a major success in that more than 225 people attended at the beautiful Neel Performing Arts Center on […]


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