Kent M. Harrington

President and Managing Director / Harrington Group LLC


Kent Harrington brings to Harrington Group, LLC extensive experience on trade, economic, defense, and foreign policy issues, senior management responsibility in public affairs, and recognition as a specialist on intelligence analysis and Asia.


Mr. Harrington’s consulting practice areas include information collection and analysis, government relations in East Asia and Washington, and assessments of international political, economic, strategic and competitive issues affecting business development and foreign markets. In the United States, Europe, and Asia, he has worked with leading companies in finance, investment, insurance, telecommunications, aerospace, defense, consumer products, transportation, and research and development. He serves as a board director in the corporate and non-profit world.


During his career at the Central Intelligence Agency, Mr. Harrington led the intelligence community’s collection and research on international economic issues, foreign policy and national security concerns in Asia. At CIA, he helped pioneer interdisciplinary analysis that supported US negotiators, including groundbreaking integrated economic, political and military assessments on East Asia. Mr. Harrington has authored numerous classified studies as well as led the intelligence community’s estimates and forecasting on the region.


Mr. Harrington served four Directors of Central Intelligence as the National Intelligence Officer for East Asia, the intelligence community’s senior post for Asia. He represented the community at the White House, the Special Trade Representative’s Office, and the State, Defense, Commerce and Treasury Departments. Mr. Harrington has worked with foreign leaders in several assignments, including in his service as a CIA chief of station in Asia.


Mr. Harrington has extensive experience in public affairs. Appointed by the Director of Central Intelligence in 1993 as the CIA’s Director of Public Affairs, he played a major role in providing greater public access to intelligence as well as provided counsel in media relations and in crisis management.


Mr. Harrington has served as adjunct faculty at the University of Maryland. He has spoken at leading universities including Harvard, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, New York University, Oxford, the National War College and the Naval War College. He has served as an officer in the United States Air Force in Japan and Korea; worked for Citibank’s international division; and served as a consultant to the Japanese government.


Mr. Harrington is an advisor to the board of two Japanese corporations. Among his civic activities, he was the founding chairman of the Greater Savannah International Alliance, a public policy advisory board appointed by the mayor and city council of Savannah Georgia; a member of the board of the World Trade Center of Savannah; and president of the World Affairs Council, Hilton Head South Carolina.


Mr. Harrington has a BA from Duke University and an MA in international relations from Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. His bi-weekly column, “In the National Interest,” appears on and he contributes regularly to His commentary and analysis have appeared in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Asian Wall Street Journal, Washington Times, The Washington Quarterly, Reuters, and leading European and Asian newspapers. He has published two novels: The Gift of a Falcon (McGraw Hill, 1988); and A Brother to Dragons (Donald I. Fine/Penguin, 1993).